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A Toasty Good Morning to you!

Here it is a few weeks gone since my last blog.  I generally like to be in a constant habit of once a week.  But every week I am challenged with things I didn’t expect.  Extra hours at my second job.  Longer hours at my first job.  Kid’s need to be here or there, but, it’s nice to know that somewhere in between, when the dust settles just a bit, that I have a place I can go to express myself.  A place for a cathartic sort of creative release.  A moment to share with others.  To make connections to things outside of myself.

In this fast-paced, high-tech world, we are pressed to push away all that is organic living. It is easy to caught in the grind of what others expect from us, leaving what we expect from ourselves to pale in comparison.  It’s easy forget why we work, why we build families.  Why we are where we are.  Likewise, then, are we called to assess the choices that have brought each of us to where we are at this moment.  I think because of those choices, and the fact that we are where were are, each one of us, that we have a responsibility to share our experiences with one another.  I believe we can learn from those exchanges and enhance those experiences that each one of us will have moving forward after such an exchange .  If we can be willing to be bold enough to express ourselves and unbiased enough to accept the expression of others not placing judgement, we can grow to a better understanding of our purpose here on planet earth.  All we need do is to speak and to listen.  This is what we call communication.

Public speaking is the opportunity not to just share, however.  It is, in fact, an opportunity to find our authentic self.  To realize through the process, not just that of which we might have been unaware in ourselves, but also that which we knew but had forgotten or that in which we simply didn’t have faith or courage.  It is an opportunity to know others in ways in which we otherwise would not have as well as an opportunity in which we can help others to authenticate and to grow and to feel comfortable in sharing.  This process builds confidence in all other areas in our lives as well.  What a powerful concept!!  Every time someone speaks, we are enriched with knowledge we didn’t have, validated on that which we did, and encouraged to share in the same way.

There are many, that no matter what you say, will feel as though the rigors through which a ToastMasters member will journey is a waste of time.  That we can’t better from the experience.  Well, perhaps they ‘have it all in the bag’.  Perhaps they are among the perfect humans who can be no better than where they are. Frankly, I am proud to be among those that realize the value this process holds.  I am happy to know that there is always a better place to be; moving forward and excited to know that there is a better me to be!

I am always happy to encourage others.  I get great enjoyment out of that.  But, that is just the icing on the cake.  My experience is made up of more cake than icing.  It includes helping myself to be better!  If there are others that don’t want that,  it’s really okay.  The most authentic I can be in this experience and in these exchanges, is to do it because it excites me!  It encourages me!  It enlightens me!  it betters me! By doing so, I will automatically desire to share what good comes of it.  What a great starting point to a happier and more fulfilling experience!

Whether you do it, because you are supposed to, or because you want to.  Do it because it certainly isn’t going to hurt you!!

Authenticate yourself, encourage yourself, better yourself, and above all….

Make it a Toasty Day!

Vicky Daniels

Secretary, Tyco Talkers