Holiday Greetings!

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

As we begin to knock off the holidays, at warp speed, one by one, making our way through 2014, we are led to take account of where we are with regards to our goals thus far.  We look, in retrospect, to see how far we have come since January 1st.  Some of us will be excited by the goals we have set and by what we accomplish along the way, some of us will be disappointed by what we have not, but, if we are really lucky, not many of us will feel stagnant, as though nothing has happened.

Some have the great knack for putting the gears in motion and building momentum from the get-go, and, much like a train, keep chugging along, not slowing down or stopping, until they have reached their destination.  Others of us may get started, build some momentum, but not have enough coal in the burner to keep moving forward to reach that destination.  Still, others have no destination at all.  I suppose that it’s okay, no matter the drive, ambition or capability of any given person.  After all, it is up to each individual, what they will do to support their goals.  It is their choice, ultimately, whether or not they make an impact in their own lives or in the lives of others.  But, this world is restless, it’s fast-moving, and this train called life stops to pickup no one without a destination in mind.  It surely seems that going somewhere in life is completely dependent upon DOING something. Whether we move forward a few steps or we move backwards one or two, we need to be in motion.  We are bound to make mistakes,  we are bound to be imperfect we are bound to be human.  All we can do is strive to be the best that we can be, whatever that best really is, doing SOMETHING.

Toastmasters is the kind of organization where you are expected to make mistakes, to be imperfect and to be human. It is designed to accommodate those mistakes and the learning curve that goes with them.  It is meant to lead us to a goal of  being better at that for which we strive.  It gives us a starting point and a destination.  We have goals through Toastmasters to help us assess where we are and where we are going, step by step.  We can go at our own pace and decide for ourselves what our best will be, with no ceiling to what we can accomplish.  We need only, quite simply,  to get ON that train.  The fact is, even if you go only half way to your destination, you will, at least,  be going SOMEWHERE!  It certainly beats standing at the station watching other people getting on and off the train making their destinations!

I would encourage you to consider that train, to not be afraid of how close or how far away your destination may seem to be, and to be open minded for the places you will go and the people you will meet along the way.  It certainly wont be a lonesome ride!

See you at the station and until the next time, Stay Toasty!! 🙂

Vicky Daniels, Secretary


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