What a year!

A Toasty Day to all!!

Here it begins! The official blog of SimplexGrinnell/Tyco ,Toastmasters Club Tyco Talkers (District 263 – Mirimar, Florida and I am the Club Secretary, Vicky Daniels, proudly opening THIS our very first Blog for our Toastmaster club Tyco Talkers!  Woo Hoo!

This has been a challenging, but exciting year as we gain momentum, adding members, activities and training to become better speakers and leaders here at Simplex.  We are a Corporate Club (which seems to carry certain connotations) but we are proving that we are not the typical corporate club, with enthusiasm, initiative and gusto!

We enjoy the many pleasures of improving our skills as speakers and encouraging our club members to do the same!  We have met many a challenge with the start of of this Charter Membership as most beginnings are bumpy at first when finding our way.  We have taken on roles and swapped roles, we have learned skills of greater organization and have begun to learn what leadership really means.   All of the officers and myself are dedicated to making this an amazingly fun and industrious club with lots of reasons to join and to stay on board to become greater talents upon whatever it is that we endeavor.  We are creative and inventive, we are focused and driven, and are willing to do the work to get where we need to be.   Everyone needs to start somewhere to better themselves.  We are starting here!  How could we go wrong?!

I am joined by my fellow board members and club members at this, the onslaught of something really great, to move forward sharing all that we can through this club and through our blog, that which is encouraging, insightful and useful to all who visit here.

Feel free to share in this blog with questions or comments or even words of encouragement!  In the meantime, We’ll SPEAK at you soon!!

Toastily Yours,

Vicky Daniels, Club Secretary Tyco Talkers


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2 responses to “What a year!”

  1. Oscar H says :

    Thanks Vicky! Looking forward to our 2nd year as a Toastmaster Club.

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